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My Intro

I am a stay at home father with a 6 month old daughter pursuing a path in ministry.  Before becoming a father I spent 12 years as a Corporate Accountant. The decision to go into ministry was not an overnight decision, it took years of soul searching and I would be lying if I didn’t fight the call. I was convinced my place was in the corporate world. That is what I went to school for, spent over 10 years climbing the ladder but in never felt right. My talents lie in face to face communication, my strength is my personality. Dozens of friends and family have recommended that I go into Human Resources or some sort of counseling.

So I have decided to use my past as a platform to answer a call to ministry. To some extent I am proud of the things I accomplished as a man of business. But it always bothered me the way people get lost in the paperwork. I would sometimes see coworkers at events outside of the office and note how different they were when deadlines weren’t crushing their spirit. This is not the environment God wanted for me. The more I resisted the worse things became. I know everyone has a purpose, finding it is hard. The courage to pursue it even harder. Yet, here I am, being open about who I was and what I hope to become. I am currently working towards becoming an ordained minister. Although my strongest attribute is face to face communication, writing is just the opposite. Both skills are developed over time to accomplish objectives I hope to achieve. So this Blog is my tool; to develop written communication skills. I hope if you are reading my thoughts you will feel free to to offer any critiques or responses you feel will help me on endeavor.

Thoughts along the way

I am a former corporate accountant pursuing a path in ministry. A number of failures and frustrations have brought me to this place. Some could make the argument that the career, the money and status could hardly be characterized as a failure. However, letting anything but your conscience dictate your definition of success is a sure path to self destruction.

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