I will be with you even unto end of the world…

Whoa..I heard these words gain this morning for about the 1000th time while flipping through channels. Yet, this morning was different. For the first time I listened to this statement and actually thought about its’ meaning. 

Christ was born in Bethlehem, lived and was crucified on Calgary. After 3 days he defeated death and ascended into heaven. But in this verse, Jesus is saying, I am not leaving you, I will never leave you. I am with you, I have always been here and..I will always be here. If you feel alone it is because you have chosen to isolate yourself from my presence and peace. 

I feel hypocritical in writing these words, knowing how often I have chosen to do things my way. My journey towards the person I want to be is just beginning. This blog is just one of a few baby steps to help me focus my thoughts and emotions in a positive way. Hopefully this will help me maintain focus and nurture my purpose. 


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