To say most of my agony was not, at least in some way self inflicted, would be a lie. The worst kind of lie. The ones you tell yourself in an effort to rationalize the choices we make.
There were years that I allowed to go by where I carried anger and resentment towards individuals for events I could have stopped or removed myself. That is not to say these individuals are Innocent and I still wait for justice to prevail. I was the coward that didn’t ask questions or demand answers when investors were lied to. My allegiance was to the company. I alone let them decide my priorities and even my character. In doing so I let them also define my identity.
But how many other influencial persons have I allowed to do likewise. Family, friends, my wife, my mentors. Finally it hit me, priorities, identities are an individuals choice. They can be defined for you or controlled by you. However, if you choose to set your standards high, you must be willing to fight for them. This world is selfish, uncaring and does not recognize those who embody the best of humanity. Often persons with high morality find it difficult to function in the business world. And as for me, I am using my experiences to help prepare tomorrows executives.  My time, at least in the business sector is finished.


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