What was Jesus like as a person

Do you ever wonder what Jesus must have been like as a person. The Bible is filled with his teachings but reveals very little about his everyday character.
I distinctly remember watching “Jesus” the movie. In this particular film, the director took some liberties in portraying Jesus as someone who enjoyed living. Scenes included him dancing and laughing with his disciples. I don’t know why this portrayal of him affected me so much. In the Bible his teachings are about love and man’s redemption. It is what he was sent here to do. To let the world know of the Fathers love for us.

But in those times quiet times away from the crowds and alone with his disciples, I believe he had to be jovial and approachable. He wanted a relationship with anyone that would have him.
I think this is important because of the way I pray and the relationship I am trying to build. I know the price he paid for my freedom, yet I believe he wants to have the same relationship with me as he enjoyed with Peter, Thomas or Nicodemus. One of a close friend and brother. I believe he wants this for all whom seek him.

And so I pray that all those searching for our King find our closest friend.


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