Quit blaming God, point the finger where it belongs

Forbes recently released a list of the worlds’ wealthiest persons. Worldwide there are currently around 1,500 billionaires. Think about that for jusrt a second, let me show you just how much that is. 

If one started counting at birth to a billion it would take them 95 years. A billion seconds ago it was 1959.A billion minutes ago Jesus was alive.

When people speak about the atrocities going on in the world. They often ask, “Why does God let these things happen”. This sound familiar? I would be lying if, at times, similar questions have not crossed my mind as well. Non believers and wanna be believers really struggle with this issue. It is hard for any person to observe human suffering and not question the existence of a loving and caring creator. But to often people like to forget that we (meaning humanity) have the means to prevent hunger, poverty and disease. It is easier to blame our heavenly father than take accountability for our selfishness. For if we were to admit the world’s problems were of our own creation it would immediately put the responsibility of fixing these injustices on our shoulders.

I mentioned earlier the Forbes article and the abundance of resurces readily available to some. Is it really that hard to believe that if one of these people really wanted to cure Cancer, devoted their means to finding a cure, we would fail? What about poverty, education, starvation; how much responsibility do people share that who have the means but do nothing.

God gave everyone free will. Is it really just to blame our creator for the choices we made. I would hope anyone reading this realizes the power everyone possesses to promote love, kindness and generosity. In doing these things you will discover how real the Lord is and the life he truly wants for you.


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