I am happy for you but can you help me?

I have had the opportunity along this journey to speak openly with others about their lives and their faith. For most of us these topics are taboo, because we may actually allow people to see through all of our defense mechanisms. However I have found those with the greatest faith in Christ, are also the same ones who want to share their stories. True faith is only obtained by weathering life’s obstacles. To persevere through these storms, to defeat doubt or temptations is a personal achievement. For many of us, it may be our greatest achievement. So I can understand why persons who are close to Christ are so eager to share their successes.

I can understand why people want to proclaim “victory”, but there are so many seekers that need someone to listen. Not really the attribute addressed much by writers. Small blogs like this one are written by seekers. I have learned so much from the little guys that aren’t quoting scripture. They are trying to apply it and are struggling. Those of you that have been doing this awhile, how bout looking at the blogs of some of your followers. Try using their examples as a means of inspiration for the rest of us.


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