Friend or Acquaintance? The rest of the story

I hope the estate of Paul Harvey won’t mind to much if I borrow his catch phrase just this once.

The preceding story about the gentleman and his facebook gathering was used in a sermon one Sunday by a man I truly admire. It was particularly powerful for me because it really hit close to home.

You see just like the man in the story, I too am an avid Facebook user. Yet after this article I really started to examine my relationships with those closest to me. If I really needed someone, how many “friends” would make themselves available for assistance.  Truth be told there were very few reliable people whom I really would call a friend, almost everyone I know is an acquaintance. Only available if schedules permit. That was a harsh reallity to accept. It kind of left me empty inside and even a little angry. I used to think friends were one of life’s greatest gifts but time constraints and family obligations make true friendships very rare.

The reality is there is only one person that won’t let you down. Who waits constantly for us to make time for him.

For being such an acquaintance lord I am truly sorry. Please let me come to know you as a friend.


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