First lesson in blogging learned

Like a lot of things, in the beginning,  my intentions for this blog were good. Originally it was a means to devote some quiet time to god and work on my writing skills, which our very weak. Yet, I think maybe some of my posts lately have been solely for ego purposes. It is a bit thrilling when someone likes your writing and starts to follow you. It was a great feeling to have someone acknowledge something you developed.  So in response the purpose of my writing changed. I started writing for an audience an not for myself and certainly not in a manner worthy of worship. I am ashamed at how easy my focus can be directed away from Christ. I aim to do better. I am hopeful that somewhere there is someone searching for a personal relationship with Christ. That relies on their own readings instead of regurgitated sound bites. I need to gind a group that will be honest about my writing and enough knowledge to discuss difficult topics.

If this is my purpose, these words will reach the audience I need.

God Bless and Keep You



  1. This is very similar to how I felt. I too wondered whether what I wrote was for my audience and started second guessing myself. I removed a few of my posts because I got no responses. The purpose of my main blog, Masterpiece of Free Will, is basically for my own philosophical and spiritual growth. I need to remind myself of that. Your prayers are inspriational to me. Thank you.

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