If God is Love think how he suffered

How far, or rather how much can you imagine. For over a decade, my world was all about numbers. Keeping track, reporting and balancing, numbers. Some of them got pretty high. Yet in terms of universal terminology, I just cannot wrap my head around the size of numbers used to describe distance between planets, gallons of water in the ocean or grains of sand on a beach. Can you really even imagine an amount that high?
If you are to look at God vs. a single man the ratio of our comrehension to his is equal to one gallon of water or a single grain of sand out of the entire world. If this is true, then our capacity to understand his love for us is beyond our comprehension. The bible says, “GOD IS LOVE”. Think about that for just a second, when you are experiencing love, you are experiencing God in his true form. Powerful as these feelings are, our human bodies could never handle more than a fraction of what our creator actually can offer. Nor, could we even imagine it.

But here’s really the point. Take the above and flip the coin. If we are limited by how much we can love, it stands to reason our pain must also be limited. I think about those last few moments Christ was alive on this earth. Can you imagine the pain our God felt when he chose to abandon his son. Can you imagine his grief when his son asked him to take this cup away..or to hear him in agony crying out why have you foresaken me? No! We are incapable of imagining such pain.

I think sometimes we think God doesn’t know how much we hurt. But I am starting to realize that we are incapable of understanding how much we hurt him.


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