Second lesson learned

The first mistake I made when I decided to write was to change the reason for writing.  Staying focused on the “Why” turned out to be the first,  of what I am sure will be numerous mistakes.

The second mistake, at least for me, is lack of discipline. Writing is a craft. Like any other trade it requires constant practice. Especially keeping in mind the entire purpose of this exercise is to help me focus my attention on God. It is so easy to let other “stuff” shift my priorities. What I mean to say is, the time I normally would spend in quiet time, I spent on a task that easily could have waited. To think I could not even allow myself just a few moments to write, give thanks or praise. Sometimes others just do not understand how critical this time is and why it is so necessary for a true connection to our creator. So I end this day with a prayer for persistence and a new resolve to at least be conscience of the forces pulling me away from time set aside for reflection.


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