I am trying to get better

I keep writing hoping my words may inspire or at the very least promote some helpful suggestions. I get that most bloggers are writers searching for a larger audience.  Maybe I am as well,  if I were to be honest with myself. But I really am hoping that doors of communication will open and an honest exchanges of thoughts and experiences  can be shared by people searching for a relationship with God.  Maybe I’m just that naive to believe that can happen.



One comment

  1. With God ALL things are possible! Nothing happens w/o God’s knowledge. He either causes or allows & so although the internet is used in negative ways it is also used in amazing & awesome ways. I see you signed as “frustrated” but why be frustrated??? God is in control & God is victorious! It don’t matter how things look in the physical world – keeping our eyes fixed on the Heavenly realm takes frustration & all those other enemy thoughts of lies & deception & covers them in the beautiful blood that flowed from the Ultimate Victor Jesus Messiah! Praise, Glory & Honor to Him who DEFEATED the enemy! Yes God! Thank you for the work of the cross – Your love is too great for mere human words, but even still I say how awesome is your love! In the name of Jesus I command frustration to flea & victory to manifest…I command that doors of communication open, in the name of Jesus & honest exchanges of thoughts & experiences be shared by people searching for a relationship with God! Hallelu-Yah! Amen!

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