Remember to mourn

Palm Sunday as I grow further in my faith has become a very emotional day for me.
It is a reminder of the week to come. The days leading up the crucifixion of Christ. Often the events leading to his death are overlooked, because on Easter he arose. Yet, I believe his suffering should be remembered, in detail by all of his followers. He didn’t just stand before Pilot and Herrod. He was tortured and humiliated, denied by his friends and foresaken by his father. He endured unimaginable pain, yet never spoke a word of anger. Even his last few hours, riving in pain, Jesus tries to comfort a thief, his mother and friends.
I am ashamed to say that, way to often, I forget the sacrifice one man had to endure for my salvation. I know for some these images of our savior broken, bleeding, disfigured make them  uncomfortable.  They don’t want to think of our savior in such a way
We don’t like to think of this time. Instead we want to jump ahead to the resurrection. But it was during this week of persecution Jesus experienced the worst of humanity.  There is nothing we have been through that he, as a man did not endure himself. Most of us will never know a physical or emotional pain that he endured.
On this day, I thought it was important to remind myself of the suffering that occured this week. Remembering why he let it happen and the reclaimation because of it. Lord, please keep these thoughts in the center of my worship this week.



  1. This time is always one that breaks my heart. I own The Passion of Christ and have only brought myself to watch it one time. The pain, the humiliation, the way the most wonderful and beautiful man to ever walk this earth suffered. And he suffered it for ME! So that I could be forgiven. He did nothing wrong, just helped and loved others. Thank you for the reminder 🙂

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