Is it Ok to stop dreaming

It was a painful realization one evening when I realized, I was an adult and had put away all my childish things. Amoung these “things” was my imagination and my daringness to dream.

I know it sounds silly, but this evening I was reminded about how important our dreams really are. I was reminded of an old saying that goes something like this

“He that asks for nothing is seldom disappointed”

I have realized that God placed me here at this particular time for a reason. The dreams and aspirations that are apart of me were given to me to fulfill. Yet, it is my responsibility to seek him, follow his commandments and to know him intimately. Only then will my faith bear the fruit God so desperately wants me to achieve. So tonight I dusted off some of those dreams I had long since given up on, I know that their is nothing the lord can’t accomplish. He wants to give unto his children and give abundantly.

I gotta tell you it felt good to dream, to disregard the past and believe in my dreams again. That’s pure freedom, to know with God’s help there is nothing that can’t be accomplished.


One comment

  1. Love this! To me, my dreams are the bricks that give foundation to my house. They define me and become the wings that catch the wind. Only with those wings can I reach the great heights. Thanks for following my Tinkerbell blog.

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