All out of sympathy

This week is holy. Trying to keep perspective on tomorrow (Maundy Thursday) and the events we honor and remember leading up to Sunday.

I have tried to stay vigilante with prayers, meditation, reading and thankfulness.  Yet I got thrown off my game by a young man that continually faces name calling and verbal abuse from his peers. He has at times defended himself but is now seen as a troublemaker. Try as I may, I can’t be around to remind him of his  value. The potential he has to do amazing things but the verbal damage he sustains makes me concerned if he will indeed put his faith in Christ or succomb to anger.

His story is not unusual. People from all walks of life that live with no respect for themselves or for others. I have to keep in mind that any freedom comes with a price.

People that hate themselves or their situation want others to live in the same despair and hopelessness that they endure. I believe attitudes are a choice and if someone chooses to be miserable that is their right. But I am getting more than irritated at doing nothing, saying nothing and walking away incensed.

Lord I’m hot and frustrated and looking for some help. I pray that young man finds the peace he deserves and maybe I can be used as an instrument of change.


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