A Blogful Experience

I had the privilege of reading posts from a number of authors over the past two days.

Some came from some very educated, polished professionals. They were concise and informative. These posts often referred to other, well known authors. They were sharing some of the best writings from some of the best theologoans to ever live. I really enjoyed the education and was introduced to new concepts I had never thought of before giving me a completely perspective. Yet these posts, although informative, seem to lack emotion, they were writing from their heads.

Other posts were testimonials, they were raw, filled with emotion and some very poignant.  Some were filled with sorrow and the writer is searching for God. Others shared their stories of victory and were giving God the praise he so richly deserves. These reminded me of my own struggles and the relationship I am trying to build with my savior. Whether a post was short, or a little long winded, all of them were writing from the heart.

For me, it was just an awesome experience to see so many people inspired to write. Whatever the motivation or style, everyone was focused on Christ. To everyone that gives up their time to share their knowledge and/or testimonies, I want to say thank you. I for one have learned a tremendous amount and will never be the same. I look forward to reviewing some of my favorite blogs in more detail and hope to discover some new ones as well. I hope everyone continues to follow their passion and we all are receive the rewards for which we are seeking.

May God Bless and Keep You writing


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