Apology not accepted

People I have encountered have an abundance of excuses for poor behavior. I have the closest of people to me, in a moment of passion, say something incredibly hurtful. Of course, once I respond with either words or a look, realization starts to sink in as they realize the affrect their actions or words had on me. Almost immediately in every case they apologize for their behavior or try to explain their intentions.  .

Lately, I have been faced with a conundrum.  Accepting an apology after such an episode is supposed to obsolve the speaker from any hard feelings. However, as I grow older I am not sure this common practice is appropriate.  Persons are held accountable in every aspect of living except speech. I am not so sure “I’m sorry” can or should be expected to excuse poor behavior. I know as a Christian it is my duty to forgive but I can forgive a person, yet still hold them accountable, can’t I? Or is that hypocritical? Words hurt written or spoken. There absolutely should be a moment of pause when expressing either. Especially when angry or upset. Just because someone apologizes doesn’t necessarily mean I have to accept it. A genuine apology can go a long way in remediation, but they don’t delete memories or events. Sometimes healing a relationship takes more than a few words, it requires action displaying true remorse.


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