Thank you for doing your job

This message before I even begin is personal. Not because I have endure the public first hand, rather I am the sounding board for the folks that get to deal with them.

Some time ago, I was listening to our pastor giving his sermon. While I was sitting I started to think about the parallels his job shared with my wife’s. Both deal with the public, often at the worst times in their lives.

As I listened that Sunday to our pastor, I started to wonder how many people in that service reallt new the man behind the sermons. I wasn’t thinking about faith and religion, I was curious about the man. Did he like sports, what did he enjoy when he wan’t at church? I called the office the next day and set up a meeting. Can you imagine his surprise when all I wanted was to get to know him. I found out very quickly that we were very similar and have since become very good friends. What I have learned from this man is priceless,  and it scares me to think who I might have become if I hadn’t taken the time to meet with him.

Often times we just expect our ministers to be there. Whether it be a wedding, funeral or counseling. Very seldom does a paritioner stop by, just to say thanks. I can tell you from experience, everyone needs support from time to time. Why we expect our leaders to be any different,  I’ll never know.

Let me encourage you to take some time and get to know your spiritual leaders personally.  I think you will be surprised at how human they are and what a simple thank you can mean.


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