You Jesus Freak

Tonight I am writing about priorities. Jesus said,”a man may not serve two masters”. This means putting him first, above all other earthly matters.

This has been hard for me. Since openly declaring my intentions to become a minister. I have had numerous friends and family concerned about how this decision will affect them. Somehow me wanting to serve God has made people uncomfortable. They don’t understand the relationship I am trying to build and the commitment it entails. Putting God first doesn’t make me self righteous or judgmental. It is people’s own guilt that has started to surface when I am around them. People I have known for years are now uncomfortable being around me, because I have chosen to live for Christ.

What I want to know is when did this pursuit become a bad thing, or a crazy thing. I have to be honest being called out for being a Christian hurt me emotionally but strengthened me spiritually. But I know it is far better to be ridiculed for the Lord, than to be praised by his creations. Still it’s hard, this whole journey has been hard, yet I still have so far to go. I keep thinking of the long term, the day I see Jesus. Will I be ashamed of myself, will he even know me? I have to make sure he does and I hope I will bring some others with me along this ride.


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  1. The deeper your relationship with Jesus, the more rooted and grounded in love you become that those around you will be drawn to you because of Him. I had family and friends pull away for awhile, but God drew them back. Hang in there, this too shall pass. God bless!

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