I wanna shine for you not me

As a Christian, I often pray that I may go out and be a representative of God’s love. A living example of what a wonderful gifts he has given me.

It’s important for anyone reading this to realize how much I struggle. We all do. If you aren’t than you’re doing something wrong. A seed will never grow unless it feels the full weight of the earth on top of it. So many times being a light in the world means subjecting yourself to the ridicule of others. I mean to be honest, it can be hard when a friend or family member is seen as more accomplished than I. The same can be said of others when looking at me. I strive to b be positive, courteous and above all respectful. For whatever reason this really seems to rub some folks the wrong way. People that find comfort in misery.

But I never want my actions to be a reflection on me. My attitude and actions are a result of my savior. All positive feelings and emotions are because he has given me a purpose for living. Any light I may shine is only because he put it there.


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