I am no one’s advisor

I want to start this post by listing all the things I’m not. I am not a theologian, a counselor, a minister (at least not yet), a psychiatrist or any other educated or divinely gifted know it all. These posts are my thoughts, my observations. They are unedited because going back to change the language or verbiage of an older post might possibly change the original intent.

That being said, I have been very fortunate to have some folks take time out of their lives to read about my thoughts. In many ways, this is very humbling. I am just a stay at home Dad that lives on a farm and likes to write when things are quiet. Most of my thoughts are just as erratic as the weather. But I turn 39 this week, I spent over a decade as a corporate accountant, living only for me, until I was violently thrust back into a reality check. I now devote my time and effort to my family and community in order to build a relationship with my savior. During this transition I have endured countless obstacles,Β  questioned everything,Β  wanted to quit and become a hermit. And still after all this, I know my journey is really just beginning.Β 

I wrote this today, because I have responded to some people who have left remarks on my page. Some I may have offended. But I am NOT sorry, solidifying ones beliefs means having them challenged and listening to other points of view. Recently a fellow blogger opened my eyes to a new way of thinking I never could have accomplished on my own. I enjoy reading and responding to readers comments, I hope to see more. But please be open minded and considerate. We all come from different backgrounds and some have developed priorities of steel while others are still seeking theirs. No one has all the answers, I don’t, hope I don’t come across like I do. Please show the same respect to me.



  1. I love that you admit these things. I too once wanted to become a Hermit. Funny how Jesus does not allow that to happen and while serving we are thrust out into the open to soak up his love and give it to others as well. πŸ™‚ (clapping hands)

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