What Would Jesus Do

I have seen an heard this expression a number of times. It has been used so much that it has become a punch line for bumper stickers and low budget tshirt stands. Quite frankly, I hate this statement. Absolutely, unequivocally hate it.

To live life according to this philosophy means trying to put Christ in your situation. Then with all of our knowledge discern how he might react.

We’re not Christ, we’re not comparable to him, which is what this statement implies. I understand the reasoning of this statement, where a person might stop and think about their actions before reacting in less than a Christian manner. But I get aggravated when people assume and proclaim the will of God. Only one man ever walked on this earth and understood the plans of our creator and he now sits at the right hand of God.

If you need a slogan to help you make a decision,¬† how bout “Am I going to have to ask for forgiveness for this”.


One comment

  1. When I read to your second paragraph, I realized what slogan you were talking about, and I thought, “Yeah, but it gets you to stop and think about you are doing?” I hadn’t really thought about it from this perspective. Thank-you!

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