Can’t fault you if I am no better

Feels good to be writing again. My Wife and I wanted to celebrate our 5th anniversary.  We decided to go to the beach and invited our retired Mother’s to come down with us. After hearing our intentions the owner of our condo made special concessions for an additional unit, that would our mom’s privacy and the freedom to do what they wantrd. It was an incredibly generous act by the owner, truly remarkable given his occupation. The reason we invited our mom’s was not for babysitting. Our daughter is crawling, has started to stand and will be walking soon. The past trip was the first time she was going to get into a pool or visit a toy store. These things only happen once and we wanted to share these events with them. Yet, neither wanted to ride 5 hours and they missed so much.
Tommorrow is my aunts 65th birthday. And of course everyone is busy. It’s a 5 hour trip ironically, and I have to ask myself is this a similar situation. If I make the Journey does that afford me the right to stay agitated at our mom’s? I want to go celebrate with my aunt for the right reasons. To make some memories with her that will last after her time has come and gone.
No matter what,  this is going to sting for awhile and I am trying so very hard to let it go…


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