Can’t fault you if I’m no better-decision

I won’t go into all the history that lead up to Wednesday.  That part is pretty well summarized in my previous entry.

This entry is about my decision and the repercussions it had.

If anyone read my previous entry, you would know my Aunt lives 5 hrs. away. However Wednesday was her 65th birthday and noone had made any plans to celebrate the occasion. Not her son, her sister or even her best friend.  She was planning on just another day.

When I was a boy, my cousin and my brother picked on me. I was always in the way, to little to do anything. My Aunt would always make me my favorite cake. I would enjoy as much as I wanted while my brother and cousin watched. That was their punishment for leaving me behind. I was always the youngest in my family, my Aunt made that an awesome experience. I always had a special place in my heart for her. Our birthdays are only a day apart and yet in my 39 years we have never celebrated together. To do so this year meant taking our 8 month old, by myself, on a 5 hour journey. I decided to risk the stress and frustration and set out on my journey.

Today I returned. My Aunt said it was the best birthday she has ever had. I was reunited with family I haven’t seen in 20 years. I am exhausted for now, but the memories from this trip are priceless.

I am often amazed at what a little selflessness can accomplish. The power it has, because it has become such a rare phenomenon. Whatever short term effects I endure will be minimal compared to the memories I will keep forever.

I Love You Aunt Debbie.



  1. Reblogged this on annumland and commented:
    I am behind in reading the blogs I follow, as well as, obviously, writing any posts. I read this post today and was struck by its message. We all are selfish at one time or another, with some of us more selfish than others. The writer of this blog wrote in his previous blog about how crazy his life had been and trying to decide whether to go to his aunt’s for her birthday. This post talks about his decision.

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