You never know, the influence you may have

What I really enjoy the most about small devotional groups are the little things you pick up. Later, these little tidbits of information become so much more. For me, my group happens to contain our pastor. His studies while at seminary introduced him to countless authors and his 25 years of experience is a blessing while I continue to explore ministry opportunities.

One of the authors he recently introduced me to is Oswald Chambers. Some may have heard of him, until my Pastor brought him up, I never had. His writing is quite unique and thought provoking but I think his story is most remarkable. He was never famous during his lifetime. He passed away in 1917 at only forty-three years of age. At the time he only written and published three books. His work was only recognized by just a few Christians in Britain and the U.S., he was highly praised as a teacher, considered to be gifted with a rare insight. But he, as an author, viewed himself somewhat of a failure. His wife posthumously collected his notes and sermons and had them published in a book called “My Utmost for his Highest”.  His writings since his death are now consideted to be one of the most influential Christian books ever written, selling millions of copy worldwide. It was modernized in the early 90’s to help with some of the antiquated wording, so that a whole new generation might enjoy his thoughts.

So what’s the point? First, I never would have been introduced to this man, this book, without the help of a friend guiding me along my journey. I know God walks with me, but taking time to discuss our father with other believers has been so helpful, and I realize now how important it is to share your thoughts with others. As with Oswald, noone can really know what effect your perspective may affect others. Even if you feel like your writing isn’t highly regarded,  you just never know. His story has given me so much hope and continues to motivate me. If even one of these articles helps someone that’s a change I help create. What a great feeling to know that we all have that power.


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