A Prayer for the Busy

I feel ashamed when I allow “things” to deter me from my time with God. Inside, my greatest fear is meeting Jesus and doing so as a stranger. Nothing scares me more than that scenario. Yet so many times I get swept away in events, fatigue or distractions. How can something so important get so little attention? Any answer to this question would really just be an excuse.
So I am writing this prayer, so that I have to look back on it often and remember that the choices I make, all have a consequence.

Lord, please forgive my selfishness. I know I can do better. I pray that I develop a dependant relationship with you. One where I am compelled to share this journey with you. Both the triumphs and failures. Lord you have known me before time began, please help me to seek. Please forgive me for the times I have put earthly priorities before you, there is no excuse for not putting you above all else. Help me to focus on the love you have for me, rather than the times I failed you. May I please become your servant on earth as I hope to be in heaven. Amen


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