Better believe he listens

Last night I wrote, “a prayer for the busy”. A short mono log outlining my fear of living my entire life as a stranger to Christ. Really that diatribe was an effort to express my disappointment with myself. Evaluating the things I have been allocating my efforts toward didn’t jive with the priorities I want to live by. So I wrote a prayer in hopes it would be read and maybe a few followers might remember me in their time spent with Christ.

This morning my pastor (a very close friend) called to check on me. He awoke this morning and felt like I really needed his help. He then proceeded to come by and visit (a first). During this time I was allowed to voice my concerns and receive spiritual counseling at a time I really needed it.

Some might say coincidence. The Bible says,”Seek and Ye shall find”. Last night I was seeking the Lord and, as is written,  he came. Amen


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