There is a Devil

I guess since I was a little boy I wanted to believe in God without admitting the existence of Satan. But as I grow further in my faith, the truths I discover don’t make my journey easier. I have found cutting through deceptions is hard work. Especially the ones I tell myself. It’s so easy to rationalize actions and decisions I know are self serving, in order to fill some desire instead of focusing on what God wants. These deceptions eventually lead to guilt and a feeling of unworthiness. Exactly what Satan desires. His mission is to make us feel guilty, cheated or worthless. The worst part is, WE HELP HIM! To know God means to walk in truth, as much as it may pain us to do so. Easier said than done I know. But I know I am all the things Satan tells me I am not. I am an original, I am one of God’s prized possessions and he loves me inspite of myself. He is always with me, wanting me to succeed and enjoy the life he has given to me. While evil exists and will have its victories, in the end, its my choice as to how much power I give it.


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