Scared to hope

My Wife and I find ourselves once again facing some unexpected obstacles. I have used the word Hope an awful lot as we march on. We often hope for something good but usually prepare for the worst. It’s easy to become disheartened. It’s even easier to stay that way. Fear starts to dissolve dreams we see ourselves accomplishing. After a while those start to evaporate as well. Doubt consumes everything it is allowed to touch. If left unattended it eventually will extinguish hope and dissolve all dreams. We come complacent, we settle, because of the pain and anguish of disappointment.

I know God wants us to be happy. He wrote it down in the Bible, he gave us his Son to tell us. Yet we still doubt scared to be hopeful.

The shocker. This is me, all of it. Scared to do death, frustrated, inpatient and ready to deal. I feel I have a true purpose and passion for ministry. But circumstances being what they are I feel myself wanting to give up and return to an occupation I hated, but paid the bills. I know what I should do and I know returning to my previous occupation will leave me unsatisfied and wondering. I believe this is a matter of faith, can I trust in the Lord when it matters. Sure do HOPE so.


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