Be Habitual

As I approach the big “40” I am realizing that advice I received once upon a time was correct.
Now, working in youth ministry, I don’t know exactly what it is that makes a person think they know more than someone twice, or even three times their age. With age knowledge is acquired.This truth, even at 39. I consistently have to remind myself to form good habits.
As I work with youth I am always reminded of the habits they pick up from family. Especially when it comes to the big things. Priorities, saying I Love You, Discussing our faith, not only learning to treat others with respect, but more importantly respecting ourselves. Appreciating the way we are made, appreciating our unique qualities and realuzing all of God’s creations are equally beautiful.
Habits are things we do unconsciously. But we can change them. But it takes persistent work and a desire to rid yourself of those habits we may have learned that bring us down and keep us from being the person God intended us to be.
Also be conscience of what behaviors you are passing along. Youth learn by watching not by listening. Do as I say not as I do is a lazy persons way of shirking their responsibility as a role model and parent.


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