One of Billions; Unlike no other

It’s been awhile since I have written any new material. This time, these thoughts,  these words are written during my quiet time. They help me to organize ideas, endlessly streaming from some form of media. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for the advise I receive and the wealth of knowledge available at my fingertips. Yet I realized this evening how often I carelessly handle invaluable information. No matter how hard I try to remember,  something else quickly enters my ears and information I really needed evaporates.
This was the case with a story I received just recently. I can’t recall its’ entirity, but this much I did remember.

There was an angel standing victoriously on a battlefield among many righteous souls, wounded, yet jubilant they had fought for the Lord and won. When all of a sudden the angel looked upon the Lord; he was in great sorrow. The angel asked, why does our victory bring such sorrow? These souls lying on the ground were unrighteous and fought fiercly to oppose you. Why weep for souls such as these? God responded: “I made everything that died here today. Is it not right to grieve for ones you love?”

I needed to hear this. Even more, I needed to share it. We are all children of God friends and foes. God doesn’t see our actions he sees our repentance.


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