Parental Support

I was told before going into ministry. If you’re happy doing anything else and can make a living, do it. Stay out of ministry unless it’s the only thing that can make you happy.
Not heeding the warning I have become a youth minister, only to find the darkest of hearts and selfish of egos. Below is an excerpt from a letter I received about summer plans. I volunteer my time and the church resources to other denominations in an effort to promote cooperation,  especially for youth activities. We also planned to be counselors our week at summer camp to help us gel and solidify as a group.
What follows is just one of the parents in our group. ..

Taking the youth to camp involves a trip down on Monday and a trip to pick them up on Friday.  By no means do you need to consume your entire week.

Preparations for VBS should be well completed before June except for last minute details…

It really doesn’t matter when FBC has VBS.  We are not members of that church, whether someone decides to send their child to their VBS is a personal decision, not one you can make.  And what we do at … is not decided by some other church.  It happens every year…you cannot schedule around every church in S. county…no matter what week we have VBS some other church will also be having it.

You need to learn to talk to the parents who have active  church members children in our church  before you FINALIZE any schedule.  They are the ones who know about conflicts, what works and what doesn’t.

My child will not be going to camp in July.  She WILL be attending in June.

Is it me or is this behavior unsuitable for an adult

Allyson A. Thomas, Pharm.D.


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