This Isn’t Church


Before Jesus ascended into heaven he simplified his ministry into just a few directives . You can look through the entire Bible, everything in it is summed in these proclamations.

  • Love the Lord with all your heart, with all your strength and with all your might.
  • God is Love
  • I am the way, the only way. Jesus is the son of God, the Messiah, the same prophesied by the great prophets. Through him all sins are forgiven.
  • Love one another the way I Loved you.
  • Go out to all nations and tell them about me and my father.

I may be over simplifying some things, but for the most part, I believe in my heart this is “Christianity”. All of the other things people bicker and fight about are irrelevant. If you don’t understand or comprehend these fundamental lessons, nothing you do will matter.  I have worked in the ministry long enough now to realize the purpose of the Church and how its’ existence has been perverted by lifelong members who either never have been taught the truth or choose to ignore it. The church is not a social club, it is not a money making business, its’ not a show or entertainment venue.

Before Jesus left this earth he told those he left behind to tell the world of his life and ministry. He knew the task he was asking of these men would not be easy. They would be laughed at, humiliated, imprisoned and even killed. The “world” was evil, early ministers would have to overcome a mountain of discouragement. They would need a place to rest with other Christians.  Believers that would be focused on the positive changes going on around them. They could come together rest, have their hope and faith restored before heading out into the world again to continue their mission. That is the purpose of the Church, ANY CHURCH!! 

It is disturbing to look upon people who think their soul is safe, their place in heaven is secured. However, they don’t know anything about the words Jesus spoke or the life he expects from us. I don’t want to be misunderstood. I Love being a minister, I humbly accept the challenge of sharing Jesus’s love for everyone. But, discouragement is a powerful tool and everyone deserves a place where they can rest and be renewed. It is a shame a lot of Church’s are not the places where this can occur. I hope yours is different; if it is; please invite someone with you, let them see that Church’s are all different. Some actually do worship.


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