Correct Christian attitude

My calling is sure.  My challenge is big.  My vision is clear.  My desire is strong. My influence is eternal.  My impact is critical.  My values are solid.  My faith is tough.  My mission is urgent. My purpose is unmistakable. My direction is forward.  My heart is genuine.  My strength is supernatural.  My reward is promised.  And my God is real.  I refuse to be dismayed, disengaged, disgruntled, discouraged, or distracted.  Neither will I look back, stand back, fall back, go back or sit back.  I do not need applause, flattery, adulation, prestige, stature or veneration.  I have no time for business as usual, mediocre standards, small thinking, normal expectations, average results, ordinary ideas, petty disputes or low vision.  I will not give up, give in, bail out, lie down, turn over, quit or surrender.  I am a minister.  That is what I do.


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Hello, I’m Unemployed

I hate it for you and for myself. However this is a gem I will keep and pass along as I pretend to be working.


I hate being unemployed. I have been cowering under this title for a little over a month now. My ‘home office’ is a shrine to a particular type of insanity that I adopt when I have far too much idle time. At my desk I relish the few short hours of plotting and scheming before I am reminded about my harsh reality. It usually takes something seemingly insignificant to propel me back towards the sharp pavement of this middle earth. Sometimes its a song, or a plane flying overhead full of people who are going places and doing things. In fact, just yesterday, I developed an unhealthy resentment towards our mailman who carries out his duties with irritating promptness. Oh yes, that’s another thing, I wait for the mail to come. No need to reread, you saw it correctly the first time. I await the mail each day. Based on…

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Thanks for making me

I am not one in 3 billion.  In the sight of God, I am one. Just one. A treasure unlike any other.  Others maybe similar,  but I am an original. A masterpiece worthy of his protection and Love. If it were not so my soul wouldn’t be worth fighting for. It is not my property to do with as I desire. Rather a single chance to thank God for the gift of my life; now and hopefully forever.
It is a fight I have to endure.  I can’t afford to let others dictate my attitudes towards his divinity. He is the Alpha and Omega and he Loves me as much as anyone before me or after me. Although I am unworthy, I am grateful for this gift. He demands and deserves any and all praises during good times and trials such as these.
Obstacles are the only way faith can be tested. This test is hard. I would be lying if I didn’t have doubts. Lord I know you here me. I am made in your image with specific gifts given specifically to me and no one else. Gifts ordained to me in order to praise your name and bolster a  ministry somewhere near this heart. Thank you for this challenge,  please forgive me during my moments of weakness, bitterness and frustration.  I know you walk with me and feel the burdens on this heart. No one wants a brighter future for me than you. Thank You again for making me, me.

Thinking of God

Thinking of God with Larry Sheehy –
The value of listening to God is immeasurable
March 30, 2014 12:42 p.m.

    “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.” — Jesus, Matthew 11:15

    When Christians face difficulty and temptation, the human tendency is to try to overcome it ourselves. Human pride leads us away from dependence on God. In some cases, we have spent so little time actually searching out God’s will, there is little knowledge or understanding of the help he can give. This leads to a corresponding lack of understanding in applying its principles to the challenges we face. The end result is that we can’t overcome the power of the devil, and we lose the precious blessings of God’s spiritual help.
    Here are four recommendations to consider for getting the most out of listening to God through his word, the Bible.
    1. Set aside time each day to read and meditate on a portion of scripture. It doesn’t have to be a long passage, although it should include the immediate context of the story or discussion presented by the inspired author. Many like to try to read the Bible through in a given period of time — usually a year. This is a good practice, and hours spent reading is time well spent. But if it results in mental numbness, not an understanding  of what is read, a shorter passage with greater comprehension might be better. Don’t be in a rush about your Bible reading; instead, gain the blessing promised by God through the psalmist, who wrote that the man is blessed whose “delight is in the law of the Lord” and who “meditates” on his word day and night (Psalm 1:1–2).
    2. Confess to God your need for him and a clear understanding of his will. Think about it: Because the Bible is the only means we have of knowing God as fully as possible, it is important we understand his word as well as we’re able. The Ethiopian treasurer told Philip the evangelist that he needed help understanding the Isaiah’s prophecy about the Messiah, which Philip was specifically sent by the Holy Spirit to give him (Acts 8:34–35). There are those who can help us today in comprehending God’s word of salvation. Jesus said that if we are truthfully willing to do the will of God, we can know the meaning of that revealed word (John 7:17). So, pray for God’s help in understanding the directions he provides.
    3. Based on Jesus’ promise of understanding, every reader should resolve to “put into practice” the truths learned in reading and studying. If you’ve attended very many preaching services, you’ve likely heard prayer asking God to help in the habit of translating learning into action. Recall that the devil knows scripture and is able to quote it, as he did in his temptation of Jesus (Matthew 4:5–6). But, like the demons who believe in one God and tremble in fear because of their “faith” (James 2:19), their mere acknowledgement of God doesn’t lead them to obedience so that they can be saved. James had previously cautioned against merely hearing God’s word and not doing as it instructs. Those who do so, he said, are deceiving themselves. See James 1:22–25.
    4. Give thanks to God for the help his word gives in living life. Of all that is said in the Bible about the benefits of God’s revealed will, perhaps Psalm 1:3–6 expresses it as well as any. The man who consistently meditates on God’s revelation is compared to a prosperous, well-watered, fruitful tree. Furthermore, he is blessed above “the wicked” and is promised the mindful attention of the Lord, not only in this life but in the life to come.
    May the Lord bless each of us as we hear his word.