Thanks for making me

I am not one in 3 billion.  In the sight of God, I am one. Just one. A treasure unlike any other.  Others maybe similar,  but I am an original. A masterpiece worthy of his protection and Love. If it were not so my soul wouldn’t be worth fighting for. It is not my property to do with as I desire. Rather a single chance to thank God for the gift of my life; now and hopefully forever.
It is a fight I have to endure.  I can’t afford to let others dictate my attitudes towards his divinity. He is the Alpha and Omega and he Loves me as much as anyone before me or after me. Although I am unworthy, I am grateful for this gift. He demands and deserves any and all praises during good times and trials such as these.
Obstacles are the only way faith can be tested. This test is hard. I would be lying if I didn’t have doubts. Lord I know you here me. I am made in your image with specific gifts given specifically to me and no one else. Gifts ordained to me in order to praise your name and bolster a  ministry somewhere near this heart. Thank you for this challenge,  please forgive me during my moments of weakness, bitterness and frustration.  I know you walk with me and feel the burdens on this heart. No one wants a brighter future for me than you. Thank You again for making me, me.



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