God I know you hear me but C’mon

Lord I pray you hear the suffering in this heart the gratitude for the things you have provided and forgiveness for my doubts. I know it’s not proper to pray in public the way hypocrites do, but Lord I am hurt. Emotionally scarred by the injustice of another. I long for vengeance but know this is not your way.  I ask for employment that will take my mind away from the people that took me; from the ministry I loved. I was doing your work; reaching new students; yet here I am doubting myself. This call placed in my heart. I didn’t ask for this, maybe I misunderstood the directions. Lord my faith is strong but is weakening and being replaced with anger. I am trying so hard to forgive those that were triumphant. My only peace comes from knowing one day they will answer for their behavior. But alas, so will I. Am i truly any better? I am begging for an answer only you can provide. I pray this prayer for my soul and the millions like me being tormented by the unrighteous. I pray for all of us. That somewhere we find our still water, we come to know peace and have our spirit renewed. Please show us your mercy and deliver us from the darkness of doubt into the place where the Lion sleeps with the Lamb. Only you can see what lies in this heart. Only you can change it. I feel
as though prayer is the only thing left to do.h



One comment

  1. Bless you, Romans 8:28….

    Jesus is near up the broken hearted and saves those crushed in spirit. He vindicates His children in His time. I pray His peace over you and that you see Him work in and around you in Christ’s name. Amen.

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