Oh my, What Did She Overhear

I don’t know if this would be considered a unique situation. I am sure others have had a similar incident with considerably worse results.

Earlier in the evening I had tried to Skype my Mom in hopes my daughter might have the opportunity of seeing her grandma some 300 miles away. For whatever reason we couldn’t make a connection and I ended the call and laid my phone down to attend to other matters. As it turns out, the call was eventually completed, it just took a while. Unknowingly my wife and I were on speaker phone with my Mom. My Mom sat listening to our conversation and trying to get our attention. Eventually my wife and I heard my mother’s voice and couldn’t help but wonder where it was coming from. Once I had figured our what had happened I became flush with fear. What had she heard? What were we even discussing? My mind went blank, what was I doing just 2 minutes ago!!! C’mon brain, seriously!!!? Neither of us could recall what we were just discussing. What did she over hear. Just for a moment thoughts we thought were private were being broadcast. And then it hit me. Why is it I hold more reverence towards my Mom than my savior. Maybe I have sinned so much against him I have lost my shame. After all Noone is perfect. Day after day I sin against him, very seldom do I think about how transparent my heart is to him. Their is no secrecy or privacy from God. That can be a good thing or bad thing. This particular incident reminded me of how important is to be mindful of God’s omnipresence and to act accordingly. If I knew God was listening to everything I said, wouldn’t I be extremely careful not to offend. Of Course I would. So what is it that makes us forget he’s a live! Watching us, pulling for us, hoping for us, willing to die for us? How do we manage to ignore him?
He’s not our priority. His teachings are not a priority. We don’t focus on his
Kingdom only ours.
God speaks to everyone, all the time in various ways. Was this a mistake or a lesson I needed to hear. Only he knows. But I have realized through this ordeal someone is always listening, I need to be careful in what I say.


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