Truly I tried to find contentment in another’s words

I spent some this evening reading the posts of fellow Christians. I always enjoy an open dialog and seek new perspectives on varying subjects especially concerning the Bible or ministry. I found hundreds of posts. Authors from around the worls with differing backgrounds and education all offering their interpretations of scripture and theology. Many proclaiming solutions to a variety of plights.
But I find my inspiration in those posts, of Christians not offering answers,  but rather asking questions. Hard questions. Those that really can’t be answered with certainty. Challenging our beliefs isn’t something to fear. It’s something to be embraced and critical to the formation of faith. Sometimes new perspectives force us into uncomfortable places. We may find ourselves second guessing truths we have depended on for years.

So why would someone do this? Deliberately seeking posts and authors  that might possibly shake their core beliefs.

Because only during times of conflict can faith be tested. Better to identify our greatest fears than to be surprised by them later.  It never ceases to amaze me how we all grow so complacent with our faith and our relationship to Christ. We go through the motions never challenging ourselves and then, suddenly, something unexpected occurs and we panic. Faith is questionable,  confidence is shattered.  Trust destroyed. 

I don’t know if I can ever prepare for the obstacles and challenges ahead. I know   I am heading towards a day of decision where everything I know will be questioned. I hope, however,  I have cemented my faith by exercising it as much as possible.


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