Favorite Song; Best Lesson

One of the things I love most about my wife, is the appreciation of history.  We both hold on to family momentos as if they were priceless. Although in reality they have no real value; except sentiment.

I don’t know if days gone by were any easier or less frantic.  But the music!!! My wife and I still blast Patsy Cline, Otis Redding and other phenomenal artists. In hopes kids running about may appreciate the works of some amazing musicians. As we sat on our porch listening to musicians long passed; I heard my song. I call it my song not only for the powerful lyrics, but also, when it was recorded. 

The artist,  Louis Armstrong.  The song, “What a wonderful world”. I can’t begin to imagine the inequalities this man faced. But through it all he recognized God’s creation and the beauty therein. The simplistic beauty of a baby’s cry, fields of green and skies of blue. Truly this is a wonderful world.  Filled with the love of God, created for the one thing loved above all others. It’s easy to take for granted, what God has created.  Don’t do it!!!! Sit back; be quiet; look at the mighty things he has created for us. Appreciate the things he has created: never forget we are at the top of his works.

Truly it is a Wonderful World.


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