Reason behind the Writing

This blog exists for one primary purpose.  To share our stories of doubt and redemption. The Bible is difficult for a lot of us to read, mainly because it’s not a story, but rather, a collection of biographies. The important thing to remember is that these people lived. Their testimonials are true. Guiding someone to a meaningful dialogue pertaining to specific problems can be difficult and far beyond my capabilities.  That is why I continue to ask for your entries.  Maybe your life parallels another. PLEASE help me reach out and help others know the power of God’s word.



    • I commend you on your faith and leadership at such a young age. It seems as though, even though you’re young, you have faced, or are facing, some difficult times. While I enjoy the sincerity of your writing; and your strong conviction. Remember it’s OK to celebrate your youth. Enjoy the season your in, you only live it once.

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