How do they do it?

I just posted an article by a minister that has the ability to inspire millions of readers. His messages are not any different than others in ministry. His preaching, the Good News of Jesus Christ is similar to any Christian church on Sunday. Yet he has the gift of connecting to his audience immediately and leading them along a spiritual journey that makes a reader feel really good.
There are several authors, speakers, etc. that have developed this motivational spiritual genre. In all honesty, I wish I had some of their MoJo. I wish I had the ability to share what’s written on this heart.
I don’t dwell to much in motivational circles. Instead I find myself surrounded by doubters, scared about the future, clutching onto faith and prayers,  because sometimes that’s all a person has left. I hate fear, and I sometimes despise those who seem to escape its’ clutches. How do some make it look so easy. Is their faith really that strong, is mine really that weak.
Lord as I write and others read, please give those of us struggling resounding trust and the faith of a mustard seed.


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