Me? A Prodigal Son

Recently I had the opportunity to attend a spiritual weekend, away from distractions. After coming home I was reflecting on the things learned and diacussed. As I meditated on God the Father, I was reminded of the parable of the prodigal son.
For the first time I applied this parable to my faith and tried to discern exactly where I might be in this parable applying my own experiences.  Certainly there was a time where I parted from God and went out into world and indulged myself without thinking of my Father. Oh what a great and horrible day when all was gone and the time came for reconciliation. My thoughts much like the Son’s were discouraging to say the least. I, so ashamed of what I done, tried everything to avoid going home to face my father. Eventually I realized that even though I didn’t deserve it, he might show me some compassion. After all that would still be an improvement over current circumstances. So away I went to beg for mercy.
Nothing could prepare me for the journey I had to take. As I approached similar surroundings my spirit reached its lowest point. I could see clearly the path in front of me, the life I had so easily disgarded and I wanted to turn back, only there was no where else to go. If their had been this story surely would have ended in death. Having no place else to go I walked the road diagraced, humiliated and alone. My head looked down as slowly anticipated the disappointed Father I would have to face. I was so involved with my pity, I did not notice the man running towards me. Suddenly I felt a familiar embrace, one I remember and missed. My first thoughts were of how much I missed the embrace of my Father. I did not want it to end. But once again I turned away from him and explained how my actions made me unworthy of the position I once held, but could I least live under his protection with others like me. What happened next I will never understand. He through a huge celebration in my honor. He went around and introduced me to everyone as his son. He was so proud of me as if I had achieved some grand accomplishment, but all I had done was go home.


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