I hate denominations

I believe Jesus Christ lived on earth, was the one and only Son of God. Sentenced to death by the very people he came to save. He was a great man, teacher,son and friend. Those who knew him best mourned his passing until the third day. Then all the prophesies written about  in the Old Testament came to fruition. He arose from the dead, was seen and spoke to hundreds of witnesses before ascending into heaven.

He Loves Us. All of Us!!! I can’t seem to wrap my head around all of the other issues that tear churches apart. Why is it people take pride in their particular denomination. Whether Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran…whatever, why are we seperated. A house divided can’t stand. Sometimes I think about what it might be like if Christians regardless of denomination focused on what God is really about. Love. Love for him and the children and world he has created. I am just so fed up with all the resources split up amoung all the churches. As someone trying to enter ministry, I am being asked to give my allegiance to the Church, not to God. Something seems very wrong here, yet it is a common request from most church leaders. I want to be a minister of God, purposely living to deliver the Good News about Jesus Christ. I don’t want to be owned or influenced by pastors who have forgotten the purpose of preaching. If you’re reading this, I sure could use your prayers.


One comment

  1. Truth indeed! People are vainly believing that being part of a denomination they fulfill the will of God. It would be better to focus on actually doing what the Lord wants us to do.

    I shall keep you in my prayers. Christ be with you!

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