Are you related to Christ.

What if you were to find documentation from family or that directly  linked your lineage to Christ? Would that change anything. Sometimes I wonder how knowledge of our ancestry shapes who we are today. I think about spending time on my Granddaddy’s farm as a boy. I recollect  the work he put into his land and how much he seemed to enjoy his life. I take pride in being related to that man, and to that part of Americana. He taught me the value of a front porch, a fly swatter and the art of conversation.
I also come from a long line of Navy Men. At least 4 generations have served this country, and I take pride in that as well. Honoring Veterans Day and Memorial Day for those brave men and women who gave so much. People, family, I never knew are still influencing my personality. Therefore their relation to me has a direct correspondence to my actions. I don’t  know if this is so with others. However, their must be value in our heritage as an “Ancestry.Com” ad seems to pop up once every hour. So I can’t help but wonder if I was a direct descendant of Christ’s lineage would that change anything.
Christ was conceived by the Holy Spirit. He referred to God as “Father”. I believe that I as well have the Holy Spirit  residing in me and that God, creator of the  heavens and earth is also my creator. My Father. So does that make Christ my brother? Are we family? If so than everyone around me is a relative. Maybe a very distant relative, but family just the same.


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