I could not be more ready!!

Christmas is almost here!!! I for one am more excited than I have been in many years. I find it almost laughable because I still find myself unemployed and continually asking God “when”? When will this nightmare end? However my story is not unlike those in Bethlehem, or Jerusalem, so many years ago. FINALLY, God delivered on his promise. I have no doubt many were frustrated with God, wanting him to fulfill his covenant centuries before Christ was actually born. Although my life has unprecedented freedom, I can still relate to all those who anxiously anticipated the fulfillment of God’s word.
The celebration I am looking forward to, is not one of triumph. I know on December 26, life goes on. But for a brief period, a single day, I am reminded every year that God keeps his word. It may take a while, but he will deliver on everything he has promised. I am so thankful, grateful, inspired and just plain overwhelmed by how great my God is.
Happy Birthday Jesus may I please come to know you better. That is my Christmas wish this year.


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