Stay Christmas

Over the past 2 plus years, I have started the transition from child to parent. It is a wondrous, yet, often difficult transition. For some reason I catch my parents smiling, as I deal with  temper – tantrums. Knowing full well, I was the model of good behavior and I seldom see the humor in an angry 2 yr. old.
As the holidays come to an end, I am saddened to see them go. I feel within me a loss of something extraordinary on January 2nd of each year. Some people get the Christmas blues, I am the direct opposite.
Every spring I wonder why Easter doesn’t receive the same celebration as Christmas. (For one has no meaning without the other).
Whatever the reasons, December is the time we turn our attention to our abundant blessings. First and foremost is the birth of Christ. The fulfillment of an old covenant and the start of a new one, which includes all believers. It’s that short period of time we wish could last forever. Maybe in heaven it can, but on earth it goes by so quickly. (Way Too Quickly). In December I enjoy the fellowship and comradery  of neighbors, family and friends. I spend months in agonizing anticipation, waiting for this celebration.
But the very things I enjoy and truly Love about this season aren’t purchased from a store or wrapped in pretty ribbons. It’s the attitude and generosity shown to others. Every year I try to keep Christmas going. Every year it eventually burns out, succombing to the darkness. Once again I find myself at seasons end hoping to find others who want to live each day with the Joy and excitement of Christmas.

“For unto you is born this day, in the City of David, a savior, which is Christ, The Lord!”

Not just on Christmas Day, but EVERYDAY! Hallelujah!!!!


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