Please respect the quiet time

I love my family. Nothing on this earth could be more important. However, in the course of daily events; nothing is more important than my quiet time with God. I am often interrupted with an array of distractions keeping me from this precious time.
God says “seek and ye shall find”! Seeking requires study. It requires communication and patience. It requires reading his word, studying it and giving thanks to him that we even have it. Quiet time requires a steadfastness that others not in pursuit of him, can’t seem to understand.   If you can’t find time for God, don’t expect him to find time for you. God wants him in our thoughts and prayers continually. He’s trying to help us through the obstacles we face. So many times we try to tackle problems with our own strength and resolve. That’s a mistake. It may work temporarily, but eventually you will find yourself seperated from the one who loves you most.
It’s hard to chastise someone for interrupting your time with God, but at some juncture you will have to make a decision. Time with God or all the other distractions going on around you. You can’t do both. Unlike God our time and our attention span is limited. Focusing on distractions first, puts them ahead of God in your priorities. If God’s not first in a Christian’s faith, some big obstacles are headed your way. Not to punish you, but rather to draw you back into the plans God has intended for you. So please, take some time, every day. Keep it quiet, focused on God, enjoy the communication that will eventually take place. This time is where your relationship with God will be built. Consider what your giving up the next time your interrupted.


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