Hide and Seek

Once a few decades ago, about 30 years or so, being about 10 Years old. Someone told me that if I were to seek God I would find him. And more importantly, when I found him i would live a life filled with joy. We even sang a very catchy song from a verse, straight out of the Bible. “Seek Ye First”. One day I decided that today was the day I was going to find him. I first went to our minister. Surely he could tell me where to find him. So I asked, “I am looking for God, can you tell me where he is?” With a big smile he responded, “God is everywhere, in everthing”. Look around at all he has created, there you will find him. Then along he went.

WHAT? That makes no sense!

So I tried my Sunday school teacher. She seemed to know a lot about the Bible. She had a new lesson every week. Surely she would have an idea about where I should look. Early one Sunday morning I approached her and again I asked. “I am seeking God, do you know where I can find him”? The teacher responded, “I can’t answer that for you. You see people find God at different times in their lives.” Then along she went.


At this point, I started to loose interest. It didn’t seem all that important and no one seemed to know where to find him. If God wanted me to find him, he sure was doing an awfully good job at hiding.

My next stop was my mom.. Mom, “do you know where God is”? “Well son, that’s why we go to church, to worship God, in God’s house”. Using the only knowledge I had, I looked up at her and said someone should tell the pastor, I don’t think he knows God lives there, and my teacher said he only works part time”.


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