Difficult sharing

I am writing to you as I would in my journal.

Earlier this evening I tried to share with you a change that has, and is, occurring within me. I realize that we both had things to say. You had experienced a momentus occasion earlier in the day and were trying to include me in that special moment. I tried to listen and hear you, but also wanted to share with you something special as well.

Whenever I bring up God in a conversation our discussion quickly is detoured in another direction, as if I have hit a nerve.

Please understand that I Love You. In countless moments of isolation, there were many things I could have turned to in order to keep my sanity. In the end, I turned to a small feeling. Something I can’t explain. It has been with me since I was a teenager. Although I ran and did things I am not proud of, that tiny feeling remained. As I addressed it a profound thirst began to develop. The more I learn, the more questions I have. One thing is for sure. I started to know God and depend on him in tough times to see me through. When he does, I want to rejoice and acknowledge His intercession. I don’t know where I would be, where “we” would be without his assistance. It is His grace that has brought us this far. It is that same grace that will carry us forward. But, we have to work together, focusing on his will and not our own. Acknowledging the blessings he has bestowed on this family


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