Teachers Duty

Lately I have been inspired by a teacher. It got me thinking, what attributes in him did I find most appealing.

His delivery is solid. After 35 years teaching, he us comfortable speaking in front of others without the fear of judgements.

When he teaches he allows his students to view topics through the lenses of some of the world’s greatest philisophers, both past and present.

What makes  him a great teacher is that he gives to his students indisputable facts, a variety of perspectives and demands each student form their own belief. But be wary, once you have picked a stance you must be prepared to defend it.

I get so frustrated with people regurgitating the words of someone else. We were all gifted with a mind, uniquely affected by our experiences. Be original, share your thoughts, share your perspective. Just remember to listen to another side before judging others. You might just see things differently and o what difference that can make.


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