You are not born a tree

Have you ever seen a Mustard tree? The kind Jesus refers to in his teachings. If you haven’t, take time to look it up and then look at how that tree started.

It started out as a very tiny seed. Think about the changes a mustard seed must endure to become a new creation. It grows in very hot temperatures where rain is modest, yet it endures and starts to sprout. As the sprout reaches towards the sun it is continually bombarded with wind, heat animals, yet it endures, growing stronger despite the harsh environment, eventually becoming the strong and sturdy tree which produces fruit and provides sanctuary to those exposed to same conditions it thrives in.
I have often heard this story as it relates to faith and how just a little bit can accomplish great things. But sometimes Christians when they give their life to Christ, feel like their faith is as big and sturdy as the mustard tree, when in reality, it’s the size of a seed. Many of us want our faith to be the size of a tree that produces fruit and comfort to others, but we want to skip the entire growing process. We don’t like the wind, the scorching heat, the weight of the sand on top of us, fighting to survive with occasional water for relief. Growing is hard, it’s exhausting, it can’t start, then stop. It either grows or it dies. I myself have planted more than a few seeds. Some have sprouted, some died almost instantly. But I keep trying and I finally have a seed that has roots. Granted they aren’t as deep as they could be, but the point it’s growing.


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